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My parents gave me an art box when I was six.


Trained in classical oil painting.

Degree in interior design.

Found both very constraining.

Started a faux finishing business which was wildly freeing.


Had babies - moved to another state. 


Started painting art for children-

which snowballed from selling my work in one tiny store to worldwide licensing and

award-winning children’s book illustration.

  I am currently diving deep into surface design. This scintillating endeavor weaves together my experiences as an interior designer, faux finisher, ILLUSTRATOR and die-hard, resourceful, relentless MAKER. 

  I still paint fine art, but instead of realistic still-life, I surround myself with HUGE CANVASES tacked to the wall. I make landscapes out of layers of diaristic scribbles and unrestrained mark-making. Once the canvas is a riot of COLOR I add thin coats of oil paint, obscuring the chaos and striving for an ethereal PEACE. The landscape emerges over a period of months. This is a form of MEDITATION for me and is deeply peaceful and satisfying.


  My CHILDREN'S BOOKS receive glowing reviews. I strive to capture the IMAGINATION of children and the humor in all of us in each book.   My creatures end up endearing nincompoops, not because they are cute or sweet but because I attempt to celebrate their individual quirkiness.


  I want to CELEBRATE the beautiful, endearing

nincompoop in us all!

 Here's hoping you too have found your passion!





i have…

meditated with the Dali Lama on mothers day

seen the melting glacier of Jökulsárlón in Iceland from a blow-up boat

painted an entire painting with burnt umber

been humbled by the Matrimandir in Auroville India

painted a mural on a 40 foot high wall

investigated hundreds of art museums in over 30 countries….with magnifying glass  (top five…. tate modern england, banksy amsterdam, fine art budapest, barnes philadelphia, ceramic osaka)

update...ferragamo seta in Florence....amazeballs!

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